dimitris labris 

solo photo exhibition

sporadon 36 kypseli 

15-25/03/2023 (not Sun-Mon)







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  5. Biology
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tr.v. struc·tured, struc·tur·ing, struc·tures
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A collection of photographs as an assessment of emotions through a conscious bold antithesis in both the capturing and printing as in the content of the images.


It is important to look at Dimitris’ photographs that extra minute so one can follow the process of inspiration, maybe see different interpretations and meanings created at first sight.


There is chaos and also beauty in these images.


The meaning of the images is not easily found in what they depict but they create a sense of familiarity or an agreement of co existence between the photographer and the bold buildings, wildflowers that courageously bloomed in the concrete, the distant grey ports, yesterday’sor today’s districts, of the South or the North.


As viewers, we can follow the photographer wandering through his landscapes and his moments. Landscapes that look like they belong inSolaris, that make us wonder too. The photographer’s directness arranges the overall structure of the inner or outer landscape and everyanswer or interpretation is possible.


The portraits are direct and the stare at the image stares right back at us. The photographer has smoothed the capturing process and he isallowing us to be there, inside these landscapes.


The sharp contrast of black and white and the content of the images predisposes us for the possibility of something brighter. After looking at the gazes, the naked bodies, the faces across us, so close that one breath or closing a door can be almost heard, we can understand the photographer’s view.


All the photographs breed thoughts, questions, but in their own way, they settle meanings and answers directly related to the past, the present and what tomorrow will bring, what the future holds. The photographer consciously places the questions and asks for the answers through his images, but we never find out the answer.


Dimitris’ photographs transport us to places we have visited and emotions which we may have all experienced.


Alex Papaioannou

Athens 2023




Short Bio

Dimitris was born in 1983. He is fascinated by the City and Ιts’people.


Art venue located in Athens. Here are taking place several art workshops such as photography, cinema, video, painting, contemporary dance and more… The venue works as a gallery too…


A different approach to photography…

A different approach to photography, bearing in mind, neither only the media nor the previous experience of the photographer. The main purpose of the workshop is to discover the way in which, through the technique of image production,  we can create a communication language  with ourselves and with the people around us.

Photogaphy workshop.


Not only for those who can draw already…

Aim of the workshop is acquiring a deeper relation with drawing procedure and getting in touch with a new way of expression...




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