I called Joshua in September and we made a bet; As a result, he had to buy a one way ticket from Boston to Athens. On October 10, he was unpacking his suitcase in my living room; all he had brought was a change of clothes, a toothbrush, thirty-one vintage magazines and his art tools.



A month later, I sit on the edge of the mattress in his studio as he tiptoes around his artwork laid on the floor: “I am confronted by my own reflections.” he murmurs. Reflections of moments from his days spent in a foreign city among thousands of strangers. His collages are a record, a compulsion, a proof of his own existence. When the magazines are cut up and reassembled, time bends; the work is transported to an alternate timeline. Existing within a distant past, present and far future all at once, the collages refuse to be bound to a specific time. 



Magda Petmeza,


in conversation with Joshua Lee Lennon


Art venue located in Athens. Here are taking place several art workshops such as photography, cinema, video, painting, contemporary dance and more… The venue works as a gallery too…


A different approach to photography…

A different approach to photography, bearing in mind, neither only the media nor the previous experience of the photographer. The main purpose of the workshop is to discover the way in which, through the technique of image production,  we can create a communication language  with ourselves and with the people around us.

Photogaphy workshop.


Not only for those who can draw already…

Aim of the workshop is acquiring a deeper relation with drawing procedure and getting in touch with a new way of expression...




We do commissions, that are relevant to our activities


We can host any kind of exhibition

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