photogaraphy exibition VIJA from Eni Semini and sporadon 36 Kipseli tue to sat 18:00-21:00 6-20 november


Art venue located in Athens. Here are taking place several art workshops such as photography, cinema, video, painting, contemporary dance and more… The venue works as a gallery too…


A different approach to photography…

A different approach to photography, bearing in mind, neither only the media nor the previous experience of the photographer. The main purpose of the workshop is to discover the way in which, through the technique of image production,  we can create a communication language  with ourselves and with the people around us.

Photogaphy workshop.




Not only for those who can draw already…

Aim of the workshop is acquiring a deeper relation with drawing procedure and getting in touch with a new way of expression...




We do commissions, that are relevant to our activities


We can host any kind of exhibition

Past Events

After 3 months, the art venue transfers and presents the works of  the first circle’s photography team, to  the solidarity space “Solidarity and Culture Spot of  Kypseli”.
Earings from the sales of the artworks  will be disposed in the immediate, material support of social  perishable clusters of the area. 

“Solidarity and Culture Spot of Kypseli” is located in Sporadon street, no 36, in Kypseli.

Mary’s undertheweather Exhibition

Peace vs Piece: Part I: Hebron-Screening

Screening of the documentary of To Mov and FemArtAct “Peace vs Piece“, Part Ι: The resistance of Palestinian women in Hebron.
The first part of the “Peace vs Piece” trilogy, is filmed in Hebron and presents the harsh daily life of Palestinians in this fragmented historic city, with the buffer zone in the heart of the city and the illegal Israeli settlements that are constantly expanding under the protection of the Israeli occupation army. The film at the same time presents the resistance of the Palestinians to the occupation, and especially the struggle of women, who have to deal with patriarchy as well, through the action of the organisations Youth Against Settlements ( and ADWAR (

On Saturday March 30th, in Solidarity and Culture Spot of will be exhibited self-portraits of the prisoners -members of KETHEA-En Drasi community.

The paintings were created by the prisoners with the guidance of the artist Anastasia Miha. During the exhibition the visitors will have the chance to take with them copies of the prisoners’ artworks, and as an exchange they will have to create their own piece of art. The pieces created by the visitors will be given to the internees, act that aims to their internal  empowering.

The purpose of this exhibition is the creation  of a possitive communication and not the drawing skills, since art here is not the target but the mean for the evolution of human proximity.

Incarceration portraits

Sketchbook-Εικονογραφημένα Ημερολόγια

Έκθεση εικονογραφημένων ημερολογίων και άλλων εικαστικών έργων.


Αντιρρησίες συνείδησης σε μια βραδιά συζήτησης και τέχνης

«Με στέλνουν στη φυλακή επειδή δεν θέλω να πάρω όπλο. Έχω πει ότι δεν θα πυροβολήσω τον φίλο μου τον Αντώνη.»
Halil Karapasaoglu, Τουρκοκύπριος αντιρρησίας συνείδησης και ποιητής

«Η εμμονή κάποιων να δυσκολεύουν τις ζωές μας δε θα μας αποθαρρύνει από το να κάνουμε αυτό που πιστεύουμε ούτε θα μας αναγκάσει να πιάσουμε ποτέ όπλο. Για κανένα λόγο δε πρόκειται να υπηρετήσω ούτε ένα λεπτό στο στρατό και γι’ αυτό θα υπηρετήσω εναλλακτική πολιτική υπηρεσία με δίκαιους και μη τιμωρητικούς όρους.»
Θοδωρής Δημητρακάκης, Έλληνας αντιρρησίας συνείδησης

Με αφορμή την Παγκόσμια Ημέρα Αντίρρησης Συνείδησης, η Διεθνής Αμνηστία διοργανώνει εκδήλωση ενημερωτικού και καλλιτεχνικού χαρακτήρα με αντιρρησίες συνείδησης από Ελλάδα, Κύπρο και Γερμανία.
Μαζί μας θα είναι ο Halil Karapasaoglu, διωκόμενος Τουρκοκύπριος αντιρρησίας συνείδησης και ποιητής, ο οποίος θα έρθει από την Κύπρο ειδικά για την εκδήλωση αυτή. Θα μας μιλήσει για την προσωπική του υπόθεση, το κίνημα των αντιρρησιών συνείδησης στην Κύπρο, και για τις θετικές εξελίξεις σε νομοθετικό επίπεδο.

Αντιρρησίες συνείδησης σε μια βραδιά συζήτησης και τέχνης

Georgia Ponirakou

Georgia Ponirakou’s portfolio presentation

Georgia Ponirakou was born in Athens, in 1983. She began taking pictures as a self-expression during her studies on biology around 2011. Starting from the dark room of the University Club Cultural Society’s photography Section, she took several seminars with many teachers: Panos kokkinias, Panagiotis Kalkavouras, Lukas Vasilikos, Ioannis Tzaneteas. From 2016 she is attending at the Focus school for photography and video. Her work has been published in greek and foreign magazines both printed and online and she has participated in group exhibitions around Greece. In February 2017 her first zine was printed with her photographs and poems of Kostis Ntemos. She is a member of the OramaPhotos group.

Event: Georgia Ponirakou

Movement Awareness/ Simonson Technique

The class introduces the Simonson technique, focuses on the meridian channel activation, and includes space and movement awareness tasks as well as improvisation and moments of meditation. There will be also time for partner work, and verbal interaction within the safe space that will be created by the participants.Movement Awareness / Simonson technic, is designed to align with the person’s inner space and offers time to listen to the self, while embracing visualization, breathing support, stretching, strengthening of the core muscles, and preparing the body for movement and release of tension. Understanding and assessing naturalness and motivation for movement can update the mind-body connection. It is a lesson suitable for all ages and levels, for those who are interested in a personal inner journey.


Opening  Ο
Friday 11.10.2019, 19.00-21.00
-Second Hand Bazaar-PhotoShooting
-Photography Exhibition
Saturday 12.10.2019, 18.00-22.00
-Official Opening,
-Photography Exhibition
-WOrkshop Presentation
-Second Hand Bazaar
Sunday 13.10.2019, 17.00-23.00
-Second Hand Bazaar, 17.00-20.00
-Photography Exhibition 17.00-23.00
-O’Acoustic Sessions: Nikos Zournis-Dimitra Mpoulouzou-Despina Spanou 21.00-23.00

O' Acoustic Sessions

Ο Νίκος Ζουρνής, η Δήμητρα Μπουλούζου και η Δέσποινα Σπανού συμμετέχουν στα εγκαίνια του χώρου τέχνης “O” στην Κυψέλη.

Ο τραγουδοποιός Νίκος Ζουρνής, η ερμηνεύτρια και μουσικός (βιολί) Δήμητρα Μπουλούζου και η ερμηνεύτρια και μουσικός (τσέλο) Δέσποινα Σπανού έρχονται στο χώρο τέχνης “O” για να παρουσιάσουν ένα ακουστικό πρόγραμμα με νέα και παλιά τραγούδια.

Με τελευταία αφορμή το δίσκο «Στην εποχή του Δον Κιχώτη» σε στίχους Βασιλικής Λαμπίρη και το single «Κουαντρό» σε στίχους Μαρίτας Αλημίση ταξιδεύουν μουσικά σε δύση και ανατολή. Περνάνε μέσα από φολκ και τζαζ διαδρομές και συναντάνε λαϊκούς και παραδοσιακούς δρόμους

Θα παρουσιάσουν κομμάτια από τους δίσκους του Νίκου Ζουρνή καθώς και διασκευές τραγουδιών από τον Θανάση Παπακωνσταντίνου, τον Σωκράτη Μάλαμα, τον Νίκο Παπάζογλου μέχρι τον Παντελή Θαλασσινό, τον Σταμάτη Κραουνάκη και τον Λουκιανό Κηλαηδόνη.

Facebook event: O’ Acoustic Sessions


“Οι φαντασιακές διαστάσεις του σώματος και των ορίων του. Εσωτερικά όργανα προεκτείνονται και τώρα μοιάζουν να προεξέχουν. Ένα σώμα εν τω γίγνεσθαι που ποτέ δεν ολοκληρώνεται, ποτέ δεν είναι πλήρες, συνεχώς οικοδομείται και εν τέλει δημιουργεί ένα καινούριο υβριδικό οργανισμό…”

Āyurveda είναι η παραδοσιακή ιατρική της Ινδίας, η παλαιότερη της ανθρωπότητας που έχει επηρεάσει όλες τις θεραπευτικές παραδόσεις της Ανατολής.

Ετυμολογικά, η λέξη Āyurveda προέρχεται από το σανσκριτικό “āyuh” (διάρκεια ζωής) και “vidyā” (γνωση).

Ο Āyurveda μπορεί να θεωρηθεί ως η επιστήμη που αντιλαμβάνεται πώς αλληλεπιδρούμε με το περιβάλλον μας και πώς να το διαμορφώνουμε έτσι ώστε να εναρμονίζεται με τη βαθύτερη μας φύση. Με άλλα λόγια, ο θεμελιώδης σκοπός αυτής της επιστήμης είναι η επιτευξη και διατήρηση της ισορροπίας.

Αγιουβερδικές συναντήσεις 11-12 Ιανουαρίου 2020

Mary’s undertheweather: Mary^3

The exhibition titled “Mary’s undertheweather” that marked the initiation of at the beginning of 2019, returns. This time, it focuses on the artist Maria Papadopoulou. Her life with Germanos and her life after Germanos, photographs, objects of his own, shape a letter with everything she didn’t say, everything she feels. 

The exhibition is completed and framed by the artists Maria Sideri and her dolls and Maria Tokmaki, presenting a unique performance inspired by Mary’s life but also by Mary’s dolls. Hence, three Marys. Or otherwise, Mary3. 


Cyclopedia Project

Following the sketchbook project, which took place last spring at our venue, we present the Cyclopedia project. Drawing inspiration from encyclopedias, the exhibition aims to explore the artists’ boundaries, to interpret or to misinterpret, to narrate and to create driven mainly by imagination. The results of this course of action will be expounded in our premises starting the first of June and for the entire month.

Visiting by scheduled appointment, through social media or the attendees.

Cyclopedia Project

At the beginning of July in, in Kipseli, takes place the presentation of Panagiotis Maidis work.  Panagiotis is a fresh artist who lacks nothing in his means of expression.  His perspective towards art and his way of communicating create mixed feelings.  Images captivate certain fiary aspects of Athens, faces that go beyond the flash tension, interchange with images of calmness and diffused freedom.

At the same time, taking small steps into painting and experimenting with video art and animation,  breaks free from his pure photographic career and and presents himself as visual artist. 


photo project

Photo project presentation:

Love52 – Georgia Maria Politi

Be absent or be present – Ioannis Tzaneteas

Mary’s undertheweather: Mary^3 – Maria Papadopoulou

Start date: 14/10/20 (open photography class)

Weird , Tired & Recycled

It is a project that arose from a playful and experimental mood. Using as media painting, collage and video, recycling older sketches and drawings, prints, tattoo flashes and symbols, together with materials which have lost their functional value and were found discarded in the city. Through this process, disconnected, primary thoughts from different places and time periods come to the front, are filtered and converse, deploying the old and creating a different and strange medium of transferring experiences, seeking something novel.

Arurkokk is a self-trained artist who, following his graduation from Finances, continued academically his studies in Painting and Engraving. He draws his inspiration from studying fringe art, the history of universal art, as well as his immediate social environment. He creates images using techniques and means of expression in an attempt to depict the medium of inner voice with outer noise. He constructs artistic books and limited edition prints. He also occupies himself with handmade tattoo. He has made personal and group exhibitions in Greece, Thailand, Australia. 

Website: Instagram: arurkokk

Weird, Tired & Recycled

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