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by mara 


painting/installation show

the new self published photo book of Ioannis Tzaneteas is available at


Art venue located in Athens. Here are taking place several art workshops such as photography, cinema, video, painting, contemporary dance and more… The venue works as a gallery too…


A different approach to photography…

A different approach to photography, bearing in mind, neither only the media nor the previous experience of the photographer. The main purpose of the workshop is to discover the way in which, through the technique of image production,  we can create a communication language  with ourselves and with the people around us.

Photogaphy workshop.


Not only for those who can draw already…

Aim of the workshop is acquiring a deeper relation with drawing procedure and getting in touch with a new way of expression...




We do commissions, that are relevant to our activities


We can host any kind of exhibition

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Sporadon str. 36

Athens,  11361

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